Tuesday, August 8, 2017

15mm Jacobite Napoleon

I needed a Napoleon and didn't want the same one everyone has from AB. I rummaged through the old bit box and found this Jacobite figure that I bought 25+ years ago. I believe he was supposed to be a Russian officer. I painted him to be riding Tauris into Russia. Tauris was given to him by Alexander the Tsar. I told this story to my 17 year old daughter and she said " Napoleon was giving the Tzar a big FU."                                                                  The escort is a Blue moon 18mm figure. I think it looks right since Napoleon rode small Arabians. Unfortunately this Napoleon isn't my best work. I am using the fact that the figure isn't of Napoleon as an excuse.

I looked at my original pictures and saw Napoleon had a mustache. So I repainted it.

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