Sunday, August 20, 2017

Russian 11th Jagers

The 11th Jagers were part of the 6th Corp 7th Division. During the Battle of Borodino they were attached to the 3rd Corp. According to the Order of Battle for the Russian Army.
Again these are 15mm Old Glory Russians.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Russian 21st Jagers

This the last official regiment of the 3rd Corp, 3rd Division. I still will be painting some regiments that were attached at Borodino.
These figures are over 20 years old. Back when a bag from Old Glory had over 100 figures in it. The original figures feel like they were made of a different metal alloy. I think they have more lead in them. The figures feel solid. They also need to be filed and cleaned up . There is a lot of extra metal hanging off them.
I also added an advertisement from Napoleon magazine. Back when you still placed phone orders from paper catalogs.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Ingermanland Regiment 1812

These are another regiment of AB Russians that I rebased and flagged. They are part of the Second Army, 7th Corp, 12 Division under Rayevski.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

15mm Jacobite Napoleon

I needed a Napoleon and didn't want the same one everyone has from AB. I rummaged through the old bit box and found this Jacobite figure that I bought 25+ years ago. I believe he was supposed to be a Russian officer. I painted him to be riding Tauris into Russia. Tauris was given to him by Alexander the Tsar. I told this story to my 17 year old daughter and she said " Napoleon was giving the Tzar a big FU."                                                                  The escort is a Blue moon 18mm figure. I think it looks right since Napoleon rode small Arabians. Unfortunately this Napoleon isn't my best work. I am using the fact that the figure isn't of Napoleon as an excuse.

I looked at my original pictures and saw Napoleon had a mustache. So I repainted it.